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Page 1 - Albrecht to Arnts, photo of Senior class officers
Page 2 - Aune to Biel
Page 3 - Blatchford to Brown, photo of Jay Yeager during a snow week activity
Page 4 - Buchholz to Dosch
Page 5 - Duffey to Fahlsing, photo of Eric Ormseth and Martha Gilchrist at
Homecoming Coronation
Page 6 - Falconer to Ford, photo of Bryon Weichel and others showing their "true
Page 7 - Frieze to Grishkowsky
Page 8 - Grondahl to Haines, photo of Linda Sprenger in German class
Page 9 - Halbakken to Harris, photo of Wendy Rios and Lauri Eggebraten at a pep
Page 10 - Hecker to Johnson
Page 11 - Johnson to Kordonowy, photo of Brad Wolfer showing his school spirit
Page 12 - Krein to Mantz
Page 13 - Martin to Nagel
Page 14 - Neff to Nies, photo of Phil Leer during a snow week activity
Page 15 - Nordstrom to Quinn, photo of Liz Miller, Scott Gefroh and Derrick
Lindeman during a Concert Choir practice
Page 16 - Rash to Schiefelbein
Page 17 - Schiermeister to Stanton
Page 18 - Steckler to Wachter, photo of spectators at a girls Powder Puff football
Page 19 - Wald to Wilson
Page 20 - Winistorfer to Zimmerman, photo of Bruce Sowka celebrating graduation